Diploma of Naturopathic Medicine

taught by Tutor Zenith
Tutor Zenith
Tutor Zenith
Complimentary Health Practitioner

About the instructor

Naturopathy is the study of natural medicine. Our course will take you on a wonderful journey through many of different approaches that Naturopaths and Holistic Health practitioners use today. You'll learn how to conduct a consultation and to write up an effective treatment plan. You can scroll down this page to see more of the in depth topics that you will study. 

There is approx 14 modules in total and there will be a new module released every two weeks. 

There are no deadlines and you can ask me questions through the platform. It's easy to  use but do familiarise yourself with the site. 

To enrol on the course there are two options. You can pay in full via the 'enrol now' button which gives immediate access.

To pay via instalments click here here and we will manually enrol you on this platform for you commence your study. 

Course Contents

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