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The evidence that Nutrition is one of the most important factors of optimum health and overall well being is stacking up and nutritional awareness is now at an all time high.

Our first and most popular course, our Nutritional Adviser course is for anyone who has an interest in nutrition and health and wants to set up their own business in the health and wellness industry.

This course is for you if you are interested in nutrition BUT

  • You’re unsure how to start implementing nutritional changes
  • You read articles blogs, websites and this adds to further confusion
  • You want to work on your own health goals and need the support of fellow students
  • You have clients who would benefit from nutritional guidance
  • Completely overwhelmed and confused by the information that’s available

Over 13 comprehensive modules, our nutritional adviser course will teach you the fundamentals of nutrition, nutritional science, nutritional changes through the many stages of life, teaches you how our lifestyle contributes to our health, how to read food labels, business and marketing to help you set up and grow your nutrition business and more. You will also benefit from mentoring during and after your course.

Upon completion of the course you will:

Receive a CPD certified diploma certificate

  • Be able to discuss and implement nutritional changes with confidence
  • Learn the techniques of putting a treatment plan together for yourself and your clients
  • Learn how to support your clients through transitions
  • Receive lots of free resources to help deepen your knowledge
  • Understand how food can be used as medicine
  • See through the b.s of some of the fads and diets which are promoted
  • Be able to set up and grow your own wellness business
  •  Take your own clients

We know that our lifestyles can heavily impact our health, people are turning to natural approaches more than ever, this means that demand for knowledgeable nutrition experts is rising. Our Nutritional Adviser course will place you in excellent position to help those who need nutritional support. 

Feedback from current and recent students

“Your nutritional advisor course has helped me to further support my massage clients”

“I feel confident at tackling my health problems since being on your course”

“I thought that I knew all about carbs, but after studying it more deeply (on your course) makes me realize how little I knew, really enjoyed this module”

“Thank you for offering such amazing courses”

“Your courses have transformed my life”

Tutor Zenith

Tutor Zenith

Complimentary Health Practitioner

You can email me at if you have any questions or for any support you need.

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